Peer Mentors

Discover support through Peer2Peer

Jamestown Community College’s peer mentoring program, Peer2Peer, partners you with a peer mentor to help you adjust to college life. Together you’ll navigate your first semester at JCC.

Peer mentees

Peer mentees are students who would like an extra level of support as they experience college life at JCC. Any student can apply to be a peer mentee.

Peer mentors

Peer mentors are students who support their mentees by checking in with them, listening to their concerns, helping them learn about campus resources and events, and informing them of important academic processes and deadlines. This is a paid position. Any interested student is encouraged to complete the form.

Here's what some of our participants say:

  • "My mentor explained that it is hard the first year. But I have come a long way since then. I have more ambition now than ever and it is showing through in my grades..." -student mentee
  • "Just reassurance that others have gone before me, that was the most helpful thing of all..." -adult student mentee
  • "Keeping in contact with my mentor has kept me motivated to do well and I like to update her on anything. The feedback from her is amazing and it makes me feel good..." -student mentee
  • "I have conquered my initial fears. I am very pleased with your program and want to take this opportunity to thank you for your involvement in helping me get settled in..." -student mentee
  • "I think this program is amazing..." -student mentee